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National Science Teachers Summer School

2015 Summer School applications now open!

Empowering teachers to inspire and guide their students

Science is everywhere; in the synthetic fibres of our mattresses, the cars we drive to work in, the bread in our sandwiches and the computers we Tweet from. It cures our diseases, takes us on our holidays and connects us to each other, to the earth and to the stars. But inspiring a lasting interest in science in our students is still an uphill battle - one that teachers are better equipped for when they have seen the real-world applications of science themselves. The National Science Teachers Summer School is about building a bridge between what you teach your students and the vast world of scientific practice that knowledge can be applied to.

The NSTSS provides a unique chance for teachers to immerse themselves in science and feed their own enthusiasm for the subject they teach. Participants travel to research labs at the Australian National University (ANU) and other sites in the ACT including the Mount Stromlo Observatory and CSIRO. They take part in workshops, and have discussions about teaching, learning and assessment in the classroom.

Whether you are a dedicated science teacher looking to reinvigorate your love of science, or someone who wishes they had more confidence teaching Science in the classroom, the NSTSS is designed to help you.

WHEN: The 2015 NSTSS will run 11-17 January 2015

WHERE: The week's activities will take place in Canberra and the surrounding region

COST: Members of a State or Territory Science Teachers association are asked to contribute $500 +GST towards costs. Non-members are asked to contribute $600 +GST. Full scholarships are available in 2015 for teachers who: teach in rural or remote locations; teach in areas or disadvantage; or are in the first three years of their teaching careers.

WHAT DOES THE CONTRIBUTION COVER: All costs including meals, accommodation and return travel from any state in Australia.

Download the application form below and return it to ceo@asta.edu.au by 24 October. The same application form should be used by teachers applying for a scholarship and teachers applying for contribution-payment places. Teachers who are not successful as scholarship applicants may still be offered a contribution-paying place.


2015 NSTSS Application Form
2015 NSTSS Application Form

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