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Staff and editorial team

Editor: John Glistak

Graphic Designer: Elise Monge

Copyeditor and Proofreader: Phillip Berrie

Editorial Advisory Committee:

  • Steve Garrett, Biotechnology Education, QLD
  • Sonia Huepauff, Education Consulting, WA
  • Dr Rekha Koul, Curtin University, WA
  • As/Prof. Kieran Lim, Deakin University, VIC
  • Dr Kathryn  Paige, University of South Australia, SA
  • Dr Christine Preston, University of Sydney, NSW
  • Geoff Quinton, President of ASTA, Perth College, WA
  • Richard Rennie, Fremantle Light and Sound Discovery Centre, WA
  • Dr Rachel Sheffield, Curtin University, WA
  • Julie-Ann Smith, former editor of Teaching Science
  • Dr Reece Mills, Queensland University of Technology, QLD
  • Peter Turnbull, Vice President of ASTA, SA
  • Dr Yvonne Zeegers, University of South Australia, SA
  • Fiona Trapani, Mercy College, VIC