STEM Day: Modelling Science with Maths

The Australian Science Teachers Association and the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT) are delighted to announce a joint collaboration to raise the profile of STEM within their teaching communities. As part of CONASTA 69, a STEM day has been planed for Tuesday 7 July 2020. 

The day of STEM aims to showcase how maths and science can be taught in an integrated way using modelling. At primary level, for example, this can be done by introducing measurements, data and algebra in a context with science.

Mathematics is the essential tool for the study of science and is often referred to as the language of science.  Conversely, science provides a rich context for applying mathematics in an authentic and engaging way. Their strong interdependence will become obvious in this joint ‘STEM Day’ which will demonstrate how the two disciplines are complementary and inseparable. 

Integrating Science and Maths from Foundation to Year 12 in a meaningful, authentic way is not only easy to achieve but is a MUST if society is to address and solve real problems. 


Abstracts now open for STEM Day

ASTA and AAMT would like to invite maths and science teachers at both primary and secondary level, who have developed engaging learning activitues using modelling to present their work at the conference STEM day.

If you have ever wanted to present a workshop at a national STEM educators conference, now is your opportunity. This is your chance to share your practice with more than 400 of your peers, including: 

  • early childhood teachers, primary teachers, secondary teachers, pre-service teachers 
  • science/maths and science/maths education lecturers 
  • education and curriculum consultants 
  • laboratory managers and technicians 
  • science/maths and education researchers

 The onsite workshop program covers a broad range of topics including, but not limited to:       

  • primary and secondary STEM education 
  • new STEM education research 
  • curriculum implementation and support 
  • teaching resources and innovations

Please fill out abstract submission template below and email to [email protected] 



Abstract submissions for workshops will close on 6 December 2019, so don't delay.



Sponsors and Exhibitors

As a potential sponsor of STEM Day, you have a unique opportunity to reach a local, national and international audience of maths and science educators to promote your products and services.

STEM Day, as part of CONASTA 69 conference will feature an extensive Exhibition Display where educational institutions, suppliers of STEM education resources, services and technologies can demonstrate

their latest programs, innovations, products and services.  Please see information below about sponsorship and exhibition for STEM Day.