How on earth did they get there?

pp. 15-17
Charles Darwin - A Voyage of Discovery

Extracts from Darwin comments about his experiment
Source: Darwin, C. R. 1855. Does sea-water kill seeds? Gardeners' Chronicle and Agricultural Gazette no. 21 (26 May): 356-357.

Most of the seeds swelled in the water, and some of them slightly coloured it, and each kind gave to it its own peculiar and strong odour.
The water in which the Cabbage and Radish seeds were placed became putrid, and smelt offensively in a quite extraordinary degree; and it is surprising that any seeds, as was the case with the Radish, could have resisted so contaminating an influence; as the water became putrid before I had thought of this contingency, it was not, and has never been, renewed.

(1) Seeds of common Cress (Lepidium sativum) have germinated well after 42 days' immersion; they give out a surprising quantity of slime so as to cohere in a mass. (2) Radishes have germinated less well after the same period. 

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