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Modelling electricity: from batteries to power stations (VIC)

  • Date: 11 August 2017
  • Location: STAV House, 5 Munro Street, Coburg
  • Contact: http://www.sciencevictoria.com.au/PhysicsWorkshops.htm

Students enjoy setting up electric circuits, but even simple circuits can raise curly conceptual questions. If teachers are apprehensive about such questions, they may resort to teaching equations that obscure the fascination and relevance of electricity in students’ lives. In this workshop we will explore some models that allow us to interpret what is happening and make simple predictions without using equations. The journey takes us from batteries to the state power-supply system.

This workshop is intended for teachers of years 5 – 10 science who wish to develop their own conceptual understanding; the concepts are presented at the level of year 9 – 11 students. Some pedagogical implications will be considered, including the place of models in science learning and in science generally, and the year levels at which the concepts can be meaningfully addressed. The workshop may also be useful to teachers of year 11 physics who have limited experience teaching at this level, and/or have limited formal background in physics.

STAV asks that teachers enrol for this workshop only if they will participate in the whole day.

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