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Try this — Engaging Science/STEM learners in their first years of school

by Christine Preston

This ebook is a collation of linked articles extracted from Teaching Science, ASTA’s peer-reviewed Australian professional teacher journal.

The articles were all written by scholarly researcher, Christine Preston, on the topic of inquiry-based science / STEM learning in the first year(s) of school. This collection of articles aims to provide hands-on activities designed especially for early years students to encourage their natural curiosity and promote development of scientific thinking.

Based on Christine’s two decades of class-based research, this ebook has been designed as a professional learning resource for teachers, as well as a curriculum companion for teacher education students and teacher educators / researchers.

The ebook contains a wealth of information, including: teaching strategies, insights into children’s thinking, evidence of learning from work samples, and effective and creative ways to explore specific concepts and topic areas. It also includes ideas for practical tasks readers can directly use, modify, or be inspired by to create their own learning experiences. All science domains: biology, chemistry, earth science, and physics are represented as well as STEM, scientific inquiry skills, and technologies.

This publication is only available in digital form and can be ordered online.

A book by Christine Preston.

Teaching Science Concepts in Primary Schools by Rachel Sheffield & Geoff Quinton

Written by an experienced primary science educator and an Australian Curriculum: Science writer, this ebook empowers teachers to make informed decisions about the teaching of science to their students. It highlights and explains the key conceptual learning that underpins the content of the Australian Curriculum, unpacking the Science Understanding content descriptions and suggesting what the teaching of these could look like in a primary classroom. This ebook is designed to inform teachers not just what to teach, but why these key concepts are important, what prior and future learning should be considered and what difficulties and misconceptions students in their classes are likely to have.

  • Develops an overview of each year showing the learning progression and links to prior and future learning
  • Unpacks and identifies the key learning in Science Understanding at each year level (Years 3 – 6 inclusive)
  • Articulates misconceptions students may possess
  • Identifies possible inquiry questions and suggests a range of activities that could be considered
  • Identifies key vocabulary
  • Suggests how to gather evidence related to AC Achievement Standards

This publication is only available in digital form and can be ordered online.

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