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ASTA Board & Executive Committee

The ASTA governing body is a Federal Board. It comprises a President and Treasurer, either the Immediate Past President or the President-Elect, the Chief Executive Officer (a non-voting member) plus one representatives from each of the eight member associations. ASTA Board members, with the exception of the Chief Executive Officer, serve in an honorary capacity. The ASTA Board usually meets once every two months. 

The ASTA Executive Committee comprises the President, Treasurer, either Immediate Past President or President-Elect, and the Chief Executive Officer. The members of the Federal Executive meet and communicate regularly throughout the year.

Current ASTA Board 


Nathan Curnow 

Past President 

Geoff Quinton


Mark Divito

Science Educators Association of ACT (SEA*ACT)
Joseph Jennigs 

South Australian Science Teachers Association (SASTA)
Jane Wright 

Science Teachers Association of NSW (STANSW)
Margaret Shepherd 

Science Teachers Association of Northern Territory (STANT)
Gail Barwick 

Science Teachers Association of Queensland (STAQ)
Kay Lembo

Science Teachers Association of Tasmania (STAT)
Rosemary Anderson

Science Teachers Association of Victoria (STAV)
Alexandra Abela

Science Teachers Association of Western Australia (STAWA)
Julie Weber 

Chief Executive Officer

Shenal Basnayake